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4 Proven Strategies for Generating Quality Leads for Your Business

Generating Leads Strategies

Generating leads for any business can be difficult at times, but often we feel like we need to re-invent the wheel when we don't! Usually if we look around at who's doing things we like and what's working there will be lots of things we can copy. Remember, success leaves clues!

lead generation funnel

Therefore, I thought I would share some of the things either I currently do that are working to create new leads for property projects, investors, or new coaching/mentoring clients:

TTP - Talk To People!

Let people know what you're looking for. A simple ‘how’s it going?' is a great opportunity to let people know what you're looking for. Remember it's not about whether they are the lead or not, but who do they know? Remember the 6 degrees of separation? Well that has been shown to be as low as 3 degrees within groups of similar interest in our connected World!

Research and reach out to people you perceive as successful in the area you want to be.

They might not want to help you but if you don't ask then the outcome is guaranteed. You can also act like them, not 100%, but at least in part by what they do. e.g. Estate agents put leaflets around the area they are selling a house because the sign triggers an interest in others in the area. Why not do that yourself if you're looking for some property deals?

Remember the 3 E's of content management - engage, educate, excite.

Focus on doing these three things with potential clients. It doesn't need to always be about business, and I'm sure that a reel of Mila on Instagram is still my most popular post!

Ask existing clients or people that have worked with you who else they know that could help you and/or to offer a testimonial.

For property investing, the question ‘what else do you have’ when you're with an agent is priceless. Also, ask your trades to be on the lookout for new deals for you. From a wider business perspective, if you've served an existing client well then usually they're delighted to send someone your way.

Let me know what you think of these and what else is on your list? Maybe try something you haven't for a while from the list above and see how you get on!


Thought for the Weekend #TFTW

“Most people want to grow, but the price of growth is pain”
Dan B Allender

This is something I speak to my clients regularly about because the things they are trying to achieve are hard! They might want to replace their income through property, or unpick a difficult period of their life, and these things can be painful to do.

I need to remind myself of this at times as well. In recent weeks it's been about moving home, managing late payments in my HMO project, and agreeing our first commercial deal, and they're only the ones that spring to mind.

The reality is that recognising there is a price for growth normalises the feeling of something being difficult. That's helpful because as humans we want and crave comfort, which means when we feel discomfort in something we're doing we want to stop doing it. If you can remind yourself that it's supposed to be difficult, then you can appreciate that feeling as normal instead of feeling frustrated.

Of course, not all feelings of difficulty or pain create growth, so it's important to also be aware of things that are frustrating you and are not creating growth.

What are you finding difficult right now in your life or business and can you appreciate the growth that lies on the other side of it?

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